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Pet Placement Partners


Placement Partners


Memphis Animal Services (M.A.S.) works with local and national rescue groups. Click here to see a current list of our rescue partners.

In an effort to ensure that groups desiring to participate in the City’s Pet Placement Partner Program are legitimate and have a responsible adoption philosophy, applicants are screened in accordance with the following criteria:

To Become a Pet Placement Partner (PPP), an organization must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) organization
  • No director, operator, staff or foster/animal caregiver, or volunteer of the organization, including pullers or those who email on behalf of the Pet Placement Partner have been convicted of, found guilty of, or have pending charges for animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment.
  • Complete, sign, and submit a Pet Placement Partner Application along with the required supporting documentation

Supporting Documentation Checklist
The following supporting documents must accompany your PPP application:
  • IRS Determination Letter proving 501(c)(3) status
  • Name, address, and phone number of the primary animal housing facility; if you are solely foster based, please note this in your PPP Application
  • Current list of the organization’s officers with phone numbers and email addresses
  • Copy of your organization’s adoption guidelines and adoption contract
  • Completed Authorization for Release of Veterinary Medical Information form

Submitting an Application
Please submit an application with all supporting documentation either in person or by mail to the Volunteer and Outreach Specialist, Memphis Animal Services, 2350 Appling City Cove, Memphis, TN 38133 or by e-mail to

Terms and Conditions
    1. Availability
      Pets at Memphis Animal Services become available to authorized Pet Placement Partners two hours after they are available to private citizens for adoption. This applies to both strays and owner surrendered pets. If a pet is recommended for medical transfer by veterinary staff, the pet may leave prior to its review date to be transported to a veterinary clinic for follow-up care. In the event of a medical transfer, the Pet Placement Partner will not adopt out the pet or transfer it to another organization before the pet’s review date has passed
    2. Processing
      A Pet Placement Partner’s Primary Contact will be allowed to place up to three additional individuals on their list of representatives. These individuals can process the transfer of pets on behalf of the Pet Placement Partner and can email intent to transfer to on behalf of an organization. Only the Primary Contact can authorize someone not on this list of representatives to process or pick up a pet on behalf of an organization. Memphis Animal Services will only call one primary individual’s phone number and email with one primary e-mail address to communicate pick-ups and correspondence for an organization’s pets. No alternative contacts or representatives will be contacted
    3. Liability Waivers
      Memphis Animal Services may require a liability waiver be completed by the Pet Placement Partner before transferring a pet that displays behavioral concerns. These pets must immediately be transferred outside of Shelby County and rehomed with no children under the age of 18. Pet Placement Partners must report quarterly on the location of liability waiver pets in their programs for the duration of time that the pet is still in custody of the Pet Placement Partner.
    4. Pick-up
      The individual picking up a transferred pet will be required to present a copy of the transfer receipt and show proof of identification. They will receive a copy of the pet’s medical records and complete a discharge checklist upon leaving with the pet. Memphis Animal Services will attempt to contact the Pet Placement Partner’s Primary Contact on the day the pet is ready to leave (post-surgery) or the day the pet is determined not to be a surgical candidate. Pets must be picked up by close of business the day following Memphis Animal Services’ attempt at contact. It is the responsibility of the Pet Placement Partner to check voicemails and communicate with their volunteer network about animals that are ready for pickup. If the Pet Placement Partner does not pick up a pet by close of business of the day following Memphis Animal Services’ attempt at notifying the organization for pick-up, boarding fees will apply. If 72 hours after transfer the organization has still not picked up the pet, the pet will become property of the City of Memphis. For pets that have had all needed medical services prior to the Pet Placement Partner’s processing their transfer, they must leave the facility at the time their transfer is processed. By agreeing to be a Pet Placement Partner, your organization agrees to transport all pets transferred to your organization from Memphis Animal Services in a safe, humane, and legally compliant fashion. Those picking up pets for your organization should be prepared with appropriate equipment to transport a pet out of the building such as leash, collar, harness, and/or kennel when appropriate.
    5. Costs and Sterilization Requirements
      A Pet Placement Partner that obtains and places for adoption fully-vetted animals from MAS will pay a transfer fee according to the current fee schedule, which may be reduced at the discretion of Memphis Animal Services. In the event that an animal is not medically cleared by veterinary staff for spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, or testing, fees are subject to change. Partners may choose to accept unsterilized animals, provided the partner sends proof of sterilization to MAS within 30 days of transfer. If a medical condition prevents sterilization within 30 days of release from MAS, the partner will provide veterinary records documenting reason sterilization has not occurred. No partner shall release any sexually intact animal to any private adopter unless a veterinarian determines there is a permanent medical condition preventing sterilization. If a partner releases a sexually intact animal to another shelter or rescue organization, the partner is still responsible for providing proof of sterilization to Memphis Animal Services. Proof should include the pet’s MAS identification number (#A______) for recordkeeping purposes and microchip number if pet was microchipped at MAS.
    6. Care and Facility Requirements
      Memphis Animal Services abides by local and state laws concerning the care of animals. By agreeing to be a Pet Placement Partner with Memphis Animal Services, your organization is agreeing to adhere to the standards of care as defined by the City of Memphis ordinances and to hold foster homes to these standards of care, regardless of the city and state where the animal is housed after it has been transferred from Memphis Animal Services. Memphis Animal Services may, at any reasonable time, inspect any Pet Placement Partner facility or request inspection by presiding animal control with jurisdiction over said facility for verification of compliance with guidelines, local, state, and City of Memphis laws. Organizations may be subject to randomly selected facility inspections for compliance when applicable. Memphis Animal Services may, within its sole discretion, subsequently terminate the organization’s status as a Pet Placement Partner.
    7. Reporting
      Memphis Animal Services will routinely monitor number and status of pets pulled by partner organizations and reserves the right to request information from Pet Placement Partners at any time including but not limited to the following:
      1. For pets transferred on Liability Waivers: entire physical address of the pet so long as the pet is still in the custody of the Pet Placement Partner.
      2. For pets leaving Memphis Animal Services as medical transfers and/or heartworm positive pets: documentation of medical care provided by a licensed veterinarian and proof of spay/neuter when applicable.
      3. For pets leaving Memphis Animal Services intact: documentation of spay and neuter within 30 days of transfer or documentation of
      4. Memphis Animal Services will send out an annual reminder to make any changes to a Pet Placement Partner’s information – including updating 501(c)3, contact information, and list of representatives. It is the responsibility of the Pet Placement Partner to inform Memphis Animal Services of any updates that need to be made.
    8. No Convictions of Animal Cruelty
      Pet Placement Partner acknowledges that no director, operator, staff or foster/animal caregiver, or volunteer of the organization, including pullers or those who email on behalf of the Pet Placement Partner have been convicted of, found guilty of, or have pending charges for animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment.
    9. Suspension
      The status of a Pet Placement Partner with Memphis Animal Services may be terminated or suspended by either party with or without cause. Memphis Animal Services reserves the right to refuse to accept a group into the Pet Placement Partners program and to discontinue association with any Pet Placement Partner. Upon Termination or Suspension, notice will be sent to the Primary Contact as specified in the Pet Placement Partner application.
      1. Pet Placement Partner further acknowledges that no director, operator, staff, or animal caregivers of PPP have had their right to rescue animals revoked/suspended in any other jurisdiction by another shelter for any reason
      2. Directors or Officers whose organizations have been suspended as a Pet Placement Partner with Memphis Animal Services previously will not be allowed to represent other organizations for transfers, pickups, or in any other capacity.
      3. Any addresses previously listed with a suspended Pet Placement Partner will not be eligible as a location for another Pet Placement Partner organization.
      4. Pet Placement acknowledges that they will not transfer a pet to or foster/board a pet with an organization that has been suspended by Memphis Animal Services as a Pet Placement Partner. Doing so may result in suspension of Pet Placement Partner status
    10. Social Media Policy for Partners (Source: Lifeline Animal Project)
      At Memphis Animal Services, Pet Placement Partners are an essential part of our team —a team that is passionate about the work we do to save lives in the Memphis community. We rely on our connections—often through social media with the community, rescue groups, foster homes, volunteers, employees and individuals who partner with Memphis Animal Services—to support and care for our animals.

      Even the best intended posts—whether on social media pages, blogs or other online publishing or discussion forums—can have a harmful impact and adversely affect Memphis Animal Services’ mission.

      Here are a few guidelines for partners when operating online as a Pet Placement Partner with Memphis Animal Services:
      1. When you discuss Memphis Animal Services, including information about our shelters and our efforts, please remain professional and positive
      2. Post only appropriate, helpful and respectful content when talking about the organization you are supporting with your time and passion
      3. Even with the best intentions, remember that anything you write can potentially harm the organization and the animals in our care.
      4. Please do not post embellished or false details about our shelters or the animals you are pulling from our care. Remember, we are on the same side partnering with you to save as many lives as possible
      5. If you post something that is inaccurate or untrue, admit your mistake in a public forum.

    Keep in mind that any conduct that adversely affects Memphis Animal Services’ mission or public image may result in the suspension of your status as a Pet Placement Partner. We encourage open communication and are grateful to have your support and passion to help save and improve the lives of the animals in our care.
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