City News
Mayor's Office graphic   Right of Way Ordinance #5551: Request for Comments
The City Council seeks written comment on the proposed substitute ordinance (Ord, #5551) from interested persons or entities by November 13th. To review the ordinance and submit your written comments, CLICK HERE.
Mayor's Office graphic   FY2015 Budget Impact
Information about the FY2015 Budget Impact is in. View the FY2015 Budget Summary Here. Read FY2015 Healthcare Changes Q&A Here. See 24% Increase Rates Here For more benefits information visit: BenefitsMemphis.com.
Mayor's Office graphic   Downpayment Assistance and Fixed Rate Mortgages Available
For more information please CLICK HERE.
Seal Img   Strategic Fiscal and Management Plan for FY2015-FY2019
The City of Memphis has released its Strategic Fiscal and Management Plan to cover FY2015-FY2019. To read the full report Click Here.
Mayor's Office Seal   Sexual Assault Kit Backlog
Mayor Wharton's latest information about plans to reduce the Sexual Assault Kit Backlog [Click for more information].
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